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November 01, 2019

        Look in the newspaper or listen to network news at nine or any other hour or virtually any day of the week you will find at least one business scandal in which a country appears to have violated the rules or standard of behavior generally accepted by the society.

    Toxic waste have been allowed to floe freely into a river, bribes have also been paid in order to secure a contract, child labor have been used to assemble some products,  and discriminatory practices have presented the employment or promotion of members of a particular group and so on. 

   Thus given the increasing social impact of business.  Newell (2002) argued that business ethics emerge as discrete subject over the last 20 years to influence the professional manager's behavior especially to be Honest in his activities with the members of the public whom he serves with his company's product and services. On his own part, Degeorge(2005) observed that business ethics is concerned with exploring the moral principles by which we can evaluate business organizations in relation to the impact of the people and the environment. Berle and means (2003) in a very clear terms Treve noted and Nelson in 1999 categorized four types of ethical problems common in business organizations ;first are human resourcing ethical problems, which relate to the equitable and just treatment of current and potential employees.

Unethical behavior here entails treating people unfairly because of their gender, sexuality, skin, color, religion, ethic background and so on.
Second are ethical problems arising from conflict of interest. Here particular individuals or organizationsare given special treatment because of some personal relationship with the group making a decision. A company might get a lucrative contract, for example because a bribe was paid to the management team of the contracting organizations,  not because if the quality of the proposals.
Third are ethical problems involving customer cinfidence,  with companies behaving in ways that shows lack of respect for customers or a lack of concern of public security. Examples here include advertisement that lie(or at least conceal the truth)  about particular goods and services and the sale of products a company knows to be unsafe.

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November 01, 2019
     Business enterprise, small, medium or large requires some basic needs for its proper functioning. For instance, a hawker of ware of needs premises, some sell, and at times a shade where to sell.

         The  mechanic needs premises, some tools and other people who need skills to service vehicles for his customer. An electrician would need tools and assistance in other to carryout repairs in other people's  houses. It also follow that business where raw materials such as groundnut, cotton, sea-nut, cocoa, rubber among others,  have to proceed certain basic needs to be acquired to be able to operate effectively. These needs are called resources; They enable a firm to complete favorably with other firms in the market place.

 The following are some of the basic needs or resources required by an entrepreneur before the commencement of the business operations :

(1) Money
     Money is needed in all aspects of business,  in order words, money is indeed at all levels of business formation. The entrepreneur needs money to register his business under the registration of business name act of 1961 or companies allied matters act of 1960 and other related laws. Also the entrepreneur would need money to buy land and build the business office or hire officers, pay taxes,  buy or hire machines or equipment, hire the managing of the business, selling products and keeping record of transactions.  The entrepreneur can source the money from his savings at bank or with cooperatives. He may also borrow money from bank(bank of industry,  micro finance bank among others)

(2) . Material
        Without raw materials or goods to use in our business enterprises,  the business house will remain an empty structure, waiting to crack and fall apart, skilled and unskilled workers will have no work to do and the machines we bought will be bought will be lying idle till the final depreciation. Raw materials include all the substance used to make things. For instance,  rice milling industry will need rice; the producer of garri will need casava, pom oil producer will need palm fruits sugar producer will need sugarcane and so, fruit juice producer will need varieties of fruits. We can Aldo buy raw materials or goods we need in our business. If we have our own money, otherwise, we can borrow money to buy them.

(3)  . Machines and other working tools
     Machines are used in transforming raw materials into finished goods. We need machines and equipment to carryout production work. In our business enterprise. It could be simple or complex machine or a combination of both, depending on the nature of business. Machines can make a tough job seem easier by enabling a worker apply less force In a direction that is easier to manipulate. For instance photocopy machines computer sets and internet connectivity services in a business center can make the work of operators easier. We can buy or hire machines.  Also, if we have our our own money or else we xn borrow money to buy them

(4). Men
      In business, we need the mental as well ad physical capabilities of men and women to start productions and other activities. In other words, we need the support of other people to operate our machines, pack our goods, sell our goods, keep records if what we buy and sell,  keep the business premises clean, watch the goods and marerialin the factory. For these services, we can employ the services of worker.  There are two categories of workers. The management of staff who stay in the offices to manage the business. The other category is skilled and unskilled workers who work in the factory.

(5) .  Land
   This could be open land/yard, a complete building or part of a building. Nevertheless, it is the business house or workshop from where business activities( production, sales, distribution etc ) take place. We can hire land or building for our business activities or buy them out rightly. If we have our own money otherwise, we have to borrow money from friends, relations, banks and other money lenders to buy or hire land or building fit our business activities

(6)Knowledge and skill
     The need for knowledge ad part of our business resources have been dictated by the demand of the plural society. This demand has created knowledge opportunities as well; as knowledge entrepreneurs. A knowledgeable entrepreneur could be seen as someone who applies to productive work, concepts and information rather than manual skill.  This is partly because knowledge is foundation of skill and partly due to the fact that knowledge without skill is unproductive. The application of knowledge to productive work requires determination and skill. Skill is the ability to do work expertly and well. Therefore,  possession of relevant knowledge facilities combination of skills and other resources required by the entrepreneur. Nevertheless we can acquire knowledge from formal and informal learning systems.



October 30, 2019

        Among the factors that occasionally contribute to the failure of most small scale business enterprises, business plan is rated higher (NDE 1978).

     This is because most of the business owners workout the activities of their enterprises off- head instead of preparing a business plan. Like a building plan for a house, which explans how the house should look like when completed. Stoner and Freeman (1992), defined business plan as a formal document containing a mission statement, description of the firms goods and services, a market analysis, financial projections, a description of management strategies for attaining goals. Further, Kathryn and David (1998) argued that a well prepared business plan can take 200 to the complexity of the business contemplated, the strength of the competition, the number of factors more considered. However, experience and successful entrepreneurs make use of business plan in the working of their business and also to raise the necessary capital required to start the business on a very goo foundation.

   Nevertheless, a well prepared business plan should be able to describe on paper where the business is going. What the business has to do to get to where it is going and how the business will look like when it get there
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October 30, 2019
Business is an economic activity which is related and continuous and regular production of goods and services for satisfying human wants (Wilkinson, 1994). Human beings need food, clothes, shelter among other things.

 They All do have many household requirements to be stusfy in their daily lives. They meet these requirements from the retailer. Whereas the retailer gets from the wholesaler, the wholesaler in turn gets from the mnufcturer. In this regard the retailer, wholesaler and the manufacturer are doing business and therefore they are referred to as business men.

 Newell(2002) defines business as a form of activity conducted with an objective of earning profits for the benefit of those on whose behalf activity is conducted.

 David (2009) sees business as a regular production or purchase and sale of goods undertaken with the objective of earning profit and acquiring wealth through the satisfaction of hymn want.

On this part Berle and means (2003) viewed business as human activity directed producing or acquiring wealth through buying and selling of goods.

From the foregoing definition of business, we can draw the conclusion that business enterprises covers the continuous production and distribution of goods and services with the aim of profit under uncertain market conditions.
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October 30, 2019

   Product quality is often measured in terms of purity and grade of material used in technical perfection of design and exciting stands.

Kolter (1998),  define product quality as the degree of excellence a product possess with regard to physical properties. ( such as the prestige of the brand name) It may be high,  low,  medium, good,  bad, fair, excellent, first-class etc.

The quality of product or degree of excellence varies greatly for virtually all customers and industrial goods. The very reason for the wide variation in product quality is that consumer differ greatly in their purchasing power.

 While we occasionally do find customers with high income who purchase products that are low in quality ( the upper income family buys used tyre, used furniture, used shoes etc)  a correlation does exist between purchasing power and the quality of products bought.
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October 23, 2019
A new start up while attractive also , it has a greater chance of failure. thus a new startup business is far more likely to fail than an existing business, business with a successful history. the reason for failure in most cases is the inability of the owners of news startups to manage the following challenges very well.

The new start ups in most cases has little for the waiting out the start up period and all of the expenses of getting a new business off the ground 
thus lack of cash flow and gross under financing is a major challenge to be faced by a new business at this pint in time

A new startup will need great deal of publicity to attract customers to the business as the location ,the name of what you are doing is not known when you first open your doors. a new company that have never existed before will need to spend money on TV, Radio and newspaper advertisements to attract new customers to the Establishment 

The owners of new startups ill have to repeat the advertisements in order to get their message across so that the customers will give them a trial . in some cases this advertisement expenses could be considered part of the initial cost of the business.this type of advertisement is far different from what obtains from an existing company , thus with an existing business you might want to know the public that new management has taken over the existing business

A new startup business needs to find an employee and takes time to develop a good staff  this adds another critical challenges to start up time of the first year or so. a new owner cannot do everything by himself or herself, if the business is new to the new owner as far as experience, the startup time will also require a very quick learning curve. many owners of new startups are fearful they might fail at running a business so they try take the less expensive way to try managing a company 

A new startup have very few customer when the doors are first opened. this problem needs to be addressed. A new start up has no base nd needs to grow one as quickly as possible.



October 23, 2019
The following are some of the merits of sole proprietorship business 

The sole proprietors efforts are rewarded by his his personal profits and his ,mistakes by losses

The sole proprietorship organization is small, he can supervise his staff, if any, personally

 Being his own master and having only the simplest organization, he can change the whole policy of his business in  very short time. He can make quick decisions.

Apart from the normal regular responsibilities incurred by anyone who trains or employ staff, the only special duty required of sole proprietor is compliance with registration of business name Act, 

He is close to both clients and employees. He can offer personal service to customers and legal deals with employee's problems on a ''man to man'' basis 

Some of the demerits of sole proprietorship form of business are as follows 

1. Unlimited liability
His  liabiity to meet meet the claims  of his creditors is competey unlimited. if his business fails; his own possessions and wealth can be call upon to meet his business debts. 

The sum total available to start a one-man business may be too small to equip it properly 

They are mant aspects in running a business effectively. Publishing, selling, display and amny other things must be handled by a sole proprietor and he is unlikely to be equally good at them all 

Even a succesfu soe propritor is ikey to find it difficut to obtain extra finance  necessary for expansion.

The death of the sole proprietor will equally mean the end of business



October 23, 2019
Sole proprietorship business signifies exclusive ownership of small  business enterpeise. In other words, sole proprietorship decribe that business which is owned by one individual a man or woman. this form of business usually attracts many people who are tired of working for government or for someone else and are also eager to be independent.

 They use their little savings  to start business as sole proprietors. With this kind of busineess you need to take several legal action. There are no serious organization expenses; no formal requirement for publicity. Any person who engages in business activities - buys, sells or provide a service under his own name is the proprietor of the business. It may be part-time or full-time


October 23, 2019
Business organizations  have complex relationships with many stakeholders in the society. 

An important of of business manager's role to identify afitrm relevant stakeholders and identify and understand the nature of their interests, power and alaince with one another.bulding positive and manually beneficial relationships across organizational bounderies can help enhance a company's reputation and adress critical social and technical challenges. 

In a world of fast-paced globalization, shifting public expectations and government policies, growing ecological concerns, and new technologies, managers face difficult challenge of achieving economic results while simulteneously creating value for all diverse stakeholders 
society, in its broadest sense, refers to human beings and to social structure they collectively create in more specific sense, the term is used to refer to segments of human kind, such as members of a particular community, nation, or interest group. 

As a set of organizations created by humans, business is basically a part of society. At the sane time it is also a distinct entity, separated from the rest of society clear boundaries. The term stakeholders refers to persons and groups that affect, or are affected by, an organization's decisions, policies and operations. 

The world stake, in this context, men and interest in - or claim on a business enterprise. Those with a stake in the firms action includes such diverse groups as customers'trade associations employees stakeholders, the media, government and professional social and environmen activists, and non-governmental organization
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October 23, 2019
The following are the expectations of what society and business need from each other

(i)  Supplying goods and services that society cannot, or do not want to, produce themselves

(ii)  Creating jobs for customers, supplies, distributors and coworkers

(iii)  Making money to support themselves and their families, pay taxes and use they wages to buy goods and services

(iv)  Continually developing new goods, services and processes

(v)  Investing in new technologies and in the skills of employees

(vi)  Building up and spreading international standards e.g for environmental practices

(vii) Spreading ''good practice'' in different areas, such as the environment and workplace safety.

(viii)  Offer good and services that are of high quality

(ix)  Sell such goods and services that are of fair and reasonable prices and

(x)  show courtesy and fairness to their customers.


October 21, 2019
business plays a vita role in the life and cultures of a country. it provides just anything the consumers want o need, including basic necessities such as food and housing, luxuries such as televisions and even personal services such as caring for customers and finding companionship.
business enterprises in Nigeria started in the earnest when major British firms amalgamated to form the united African community(UAC).

      This amalgamation helped in laying the foundation stone of the Nigerian business enterprise systems. these companies according to effiong (1985) and john Holt company, Peterson zochonis and company (PZ) G.B ollivant, union trading company (UTC) K. chellarams and sons and miller brothers,which with F.A Swanzy a third party cooperation known as the African association and a number of other smaller firms combined in 1919 to form African and eastern trade corporation (A & ETC) LIMITED. thus bringing into being the united African company (UAC) as we know today it follow from here that the European merchant houses provided vital institutional links with oversees market and manufacturing centers, and thus initiated a role which oversees market and manufacturing centers, and thus initiated a role which will continue to be a reference point for the Nigerian business enterprise system



October 21, 2019
Marketing research involves conducting investigation to support marketing activities and the statistical interpretation of data into information. this information. 

This information is then used by managers to plan marketing activities. Gauge the nature of marketing environment and attain information from suppliers. marketing researches use statistical methods such as hypothesis tests chi-squared tests linear regression , correlations, frequency distributions, poison distributions, binomial distributions etc.

to interpret their findings and convert data into information. The task of marketing research is to provide management with relevant , accurate reliable valid and current information. a distinction should be made between marketing research and marketing research. 

market research pertains to research in a given an example' a firm may conduct research in a target market, after selecting a suitable market segment.
 in contrast, marketing research is fundamentally about the acquisition and analysis of information required for the making of marketing decisions 
The two basic areas in which information required for marketing decisions is sought are ;(existing and potential) and marketing tactics and methods. The research process spans a number of stages including the following steps.

a. definition of problem and specification of information to be sought

b. Design of study/ development of a research plan / project with particular reference to data collection methods ( surveys etc)instrumentation (questionnaires) and sample design (of target population)

c.fieldwork (utilizing the questionnaires, structured interview etc) collecting and interpreting of data 

d. Data analysis and interpretation ( using statistical and or techniques)

e. presentation/dissemination of information formally inform of a report

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October 21, 2019

Small business operate in an environment which changes are inevitable factors. technological changes, fluctuation in prices of raw materials, changing government policies and regulations changes in consumer taste and preference among other things are inevitable factors that have been shaping and reshaping business activities in Nigeria. they are thus unpredictable however in view of their unpredictability, it has become more necessary for the small entrepreneurs to determine their business goals carefully, and then construct plans for attaining these goals no matter what the changing environment will be

Planning is simply the thinking that takes place prior to action or decisions its central is with the future and the future is nothing but the summation of our decisions. thus planning can be described as an anticipatory decision making.

 planning is done to decide what to do and how to do it prior to taking action. ultimately planing is considered of key elements of thoughts and communication designed to give meaning to the present by focusing on the importance of change and the utilization of resources. In planning the entrepreneur consider goals to be attained in the future and how to present limitations to achieving such goals may be reduced or removed. he designed actions and program's for progressing toward selecting goals and for determining desired changes in policies practices or current goals.

The common saying  ''if you fail to plan you are planning to fail'' or ''the business that does not plan is om the road to extinct of instinct''suggests that, planners, planning or entrepreneurs who plans must take provisions for a network of channels for feedback, analysis of progress and control measures to safeguard the objective of the organization. In fact it is worth saying at this point that the compute software maker e.g etisalat, glo, mtn, airtel etc plan before bringing their products to the market or else their failure to plan will amount to fall in selling their products to the consuming public

In the same parlance,small business entrepreneurs will end up with all their capital outlay lost if they fail to plan before embarking on any viable business venture

Planning will have no future if it ends in the dustbin of the entrepreneur without making plan for the business enterprise towards obtaining and attaining it goals. However, we can go on and on if we insist in discussing planning in most in small business enterprises for conceitous business success.


October 21, 2019
Many studies support the idea that the organization who plans before starting a project or a business venture, retail business e.g road side mechanic, barbing, hairdressing retail business auto-wash, beauty salon, tailoring, ad-infinitum are more effective than those who do not plan.
The planning functions have several important goals and chiefly among these goals are discussed as follows;

1. changes in technological environment
Technological changes are so rapid that we cannot predict the interval at which these changes are taking place. production plans have continue to undergo changes as a result of this, there is improvement in the quality of output, thus it has become necessary for small business enterprise owners to plan for possible changes in technology as customers will always demand for technological advanced products to replace the older ones that have become technically obsolete 

2. changes in economic environment
The general state of Nigerian economy can be best described as unstable. The national economic policies relating to small and medium scale enterprises, tax rate, inflation and other special concessions to small scale business enterprises most develop a comprehensive plan to out do the unexpected changes arising from the economic environment.

3. changes in financial environment
The financial environment is made up of financial institutions that we usually run to whenever our business require ore capital or whenever we want to finance the acquisition of more business items this environment cannot be said to be always static as to be rest assure of our financial needs. In this view, it logically follows that alternative sources of business finance should be sought for. This can only be possible through planning....

4.changes in the need of the society
As earlier said business makes demand on society and society make demands on business. At this instances it logically follows that, the business exists because of the existence of the society and vice versa' But society's attitudes towards the business is what matters. Attitude of the society to the business is unpredictable as lifestyle, belief pattern etc are not the same and may change at any time, particularly when the activities of the business did not favor them. Planning will ensure positive attitude of the society members towards the business enterprise.



October 21, 2019
A society is prosperous only if the degree to which it rewards and encourage entrepreneurial activities because it is entrepreneurs and their activities that are critical determinants of the level of success, prosperity growth and opportunity in the economy.
The most dynamic societies in the world are the ones that have the most entrepreneurs, plus the economic and legal structure to encourage and motivate entrepreneurs to greater activities. Thus entrepreneurs perform the following functions

Identifying entrepreneurial opportunity

There are many opportunities in the world of business. These opportunities are based on human needs as food, fashion, education etc. which are constantly changing. these opportunities are not realized by common man, but an entrepreneur senses the opportunities faster than others do. An entrepreneur therefore, has to keep his eyes and ears open and require imagination, creativeness, innovation and informativeness.

Turning ideas and dreams into viable business 

An entrepreneur should be capable of turning his ideas and good dreams into reality. He collects information regarding his ideas products,practices, to suit the demand in the market. Further steps are taken to achieve the goals in the light of information collected.

Resourcing for the needed business resources

The entrepreneur needs various resources in terms if money, machine, material and men to running the Enterprise successfully. An essential function of an entrepreneur is to ensure the availability of these resources.

Setting up of the enterprise

For setting up an Enterprise, the entrepreneur may need to fulfill some legal formalities. He also tries to find out a suitable location, design and premises, install machinery and do many other things.

Managing the enterprise

One of the important function of entrepreneur is to run the enterprise. he has to manage the finance, resources, material and organize production of goods and services. He has to market each product and service, after ensuring appropriate returns also known as profit of the investment. only a properly managed organization yields positive results.

Exploration of avenues foe growth and development of the business

Once the enterprise achieve its desired results, the entrepreneur has explore another higher goal for its proper growth and development.He decided the scale of business in accordance with the provision of capital and other business resources.

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Ronaldo Reacts After Losing FIFA Best Player Award To Messi

September 24, 2019
Cristiano Ronaldo updates his Instagram account with a cryptic message after The Best FIFA Men's Player snub.

'Patience and persistence are two characteristics that differentiate the professional from the amateurs.' writes Ronaldo.

'Everything that is big today has started small. You can't do everything, but do everything you can to make your dreams come true.'

'And keep in mind that after night always comes dawn.'

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Rema Vs Fireboy:

September 24, 2019

Mavin records owned majorly by Don jazzy and Ybnl label owned by music artiste, Olamide are two of the most respected labels in the country. Recently, the record labels signed two young, talented, good looking and highly marketable artistes.

While Mavin snagged 18-year-old trapstar and singer, Divine Ikubor aka Rema, Ybnl signed Adedamola Adefolahan aka FireboyDML. The two artistes were signed by these labels to much expectations from Nigerians and music critics who fell in love with their freestyle videos that were available on social media platforms. Rema prior to being signed had a few freestyles covers with special reference to Dprince “Gucci gang” while Fireboy Dml already had a couple of buzzing songs like Ajoke, Star, Magic, Gimme love, Gstrings, Gold-digger among others including the Viral Teni the Entertainer “Askamaya” Cover.

Rema first appeared on Dj Tunez “Turn Up” ft Reekado banks and Wizkid, humming some underground melodies reminiscent of Wizkid’s verse on Drake’s “One Dance”. Alas, Mavin had better in stock for him when in March 2019, he dropped his Four track EP with the lead single “Iron Man “which had a crisp, well directed video portraying the “swagallicious” Rema singing about defending his love interest like the superhero, Iron man..

Tracks like “Why” which portrayed his trap sound and “Corny” did considerably well but it was the once rejected beat made by budding producer, Ozedikus on which Rema laid flows about a certain Dumebi girl, oozing that Wizkid delivery style of lyrics and adlibs, that won the heart of many Nigerians.

Coupled with his fine boy looks and Trapstar branding, the rapper and singer has won the hearts of Nigerians judging from the crowd reaction at his first ever show, The Homecoming concert held in Lagos. After his excellent featured verses on Dprince “Lavida” and Mavin “ALL IS IN ORDER”, it can be said that indeed all is in order for the young star to take over the Nigerian music scene.

Fire boy on the other hand first caught the attention of many listeners after his collaborative effort with Oxlade titled “Sing”. Subsequently, he caught the attention of YBNL boss, Olamide and he was incorporated fully into the family with songs like “Jealous”, “Leleyi ft Lilkesh” and “I be fine” off the YBNL Mafia Album. The Cracker Mallo produced “Jealous” proved to be a stand out track.

The two young stars are currently enjoying massive airplays off their singles. Rema with “Dumebi” and Fireboy with “Jealous” and many music lovers and Critics are already of the view that the two artistes are the new school artistes that will inherit the davido vs Wizkid rivalry as they are set to take over the music industry

As we prepare for the Headies Award this year, we hope the Reekado Banks versus Lil Kesh saga does not repeat itself as Mavins Rema and Ybnl Fireboy will most likely battle it out for the Rookie 
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Piers Morgan Considers Ronaldo as best

September 24, 2019
British TV personality, Piers Morgan has thrown a shade at Messi after he won the FIFA Men’s Player of the Year award last night.

Messi won the award a record 6th time by beating Juventus star player Cristiano Ronaldo and Liverpool defender Virgil Van Dijk.

Reacting to the news, Piers Morgan who last week released a powerful interview with Ronaldo, stated that Messi cannot compare with Ronaldo.

Given reason, he tweeted:

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We’ll retake power in Adamawa come 2023, party vows

September 21, 2019
Stakeholders of All Progressives Congress (APC) in Adamawa State have taken stock of how the party lost the state in the 2019 election due to disunity and resolved to put the past behind them and take back the state in 2023.

The stakeholders came out of a reconciliatory meeting in Yola on Friday night saying they had learnt their lessons and would henceforth work together for the success of the party at all levels.

A former member of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Nuhu Ribadu, and Hajia Aisha Buhari’s brother, Ahmed Halilu (Mudi) had been bitterly against Sen Mohammed Jibrilla (Bindow) after Bindow as the state governor at the time, won the APC governorship primary which Ribadu and Mudi discredited.

The two rejected Bindow’s candidacy up to the general election and were believed to have worked against Bindow at the election, a development believed to have contributed greatly to the failure of Bindow and of course the APC at the election.

Ribadu who attended the Adamawa State APC Steering Committee/State Exco/Stakeholders Reconciliatory Meeting of Friday night stressed that the intra-party conflict which cost the party the chance of retaining the state at the 2019 governorship election would never occur again.

“Never again will we let that happen,” he said during a review remark at the end of the meeting.

The meeting was the first in what may be a series of similar meetings following the constitution of a 39-member Central Steering Committee of the APC to reconcile misgivings and reposition the party for future success.

He said, “We are here saying enough is enough. We will work together, we will never allow anything to come between us that will affect our fortunes and the fortunes of our party.

“APC is a progressive party, our opponents are conservatives. It was so unfortunate that we were not guided in the past as a result of which our political enemies benefitted.”

Urging a demonstration of the new resolve in the council-level elections scheduled for the state in November, Ribadu said, “It will never happen again in Adamawa. We have an election coming, the local government election. We intend to do it properly and fairly and we will not allow anybody to cheat us again.

“We have all assembled here, all the leaders of the party from the local government to state levels. We have all resolved to work together for the victory of our party.”

Earlier in his remark, chairman of the APC Steering Committee and one time Minister of Defence and Internal Affairs respectively, Abdurrahman Adamu, said that disturbed by the lingering precarious relationship among members of the party, elders took the gauntlet to restore sanity and orderliness after the party waded through misunderstanding for a long time.

The Chairman Sub-Committee on Reconciliation, Dahiru Bobbo, said his committee was delegated to reconcile aggrieved members and put the party on the threshold of prosperity.

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I Sold Pure Water On Lagos Streets, Life Was Tough - Victor Osimhen

September 21, 2019
Victor Osimhen has opened up about his grass to grace story in the city of Lagos.

  • In his latest interview with BBC Osimhen revealed how tough it was for him growing up as a child. The Super Eagles striker, who has already scored five goals in Ligue 1 this season for Lille, said he once hawked sachet water on the streets of Lagos when he just seven-years-old.

“I came from a very poor background, seven children and I was the last born. I lost my mom at the age of six and it was very difficult for my family because my dad also lost his job around that period. So I was forced to go out and get myself a life.

“In Lagos, they sell water (bottle or sachet) which is the easiest, but the hardest because you have to run and give somebody the water and collect money.

“It wasn’t easy, but I had to do it and that set my path in which I will never give up in life no matter the situation.

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Wonderkid Fati: From African Suburb To Barcelona's Camp NoU

September 20, 2019
The wonder kid ansu Fati has made a long trip from the fields of Guinea-Bissau, where he has played as a child, to Barcelona's Camp Nou stadium where the 16-year-old is playing with some of the biggest stars in the world.

Fati's has made a stirring start to the season, scoring just two minutes into his full La Liga debut on a magical night when he hardly put a foot wrong in front of over 80,000 astonished Camp Nou fans who gave him a standing ovation as he left the field.

He was just seven years old when he first came to Spain and his startling talent meant he was invited to join Barcelona's prestigious youth academy 'La Masia' aged 10.

It was an incredible achievement for a boy from the impoverished West African nation that has never been known for football.

In Sao Paulo, his home neighbourhood in the rundown suburbs of capital Bissau, the children yell "Ansu Fati, Barca player!" as they run around on ochre soil, under the tropical trees.

Malam Romisio, who coached Fati as a child, told AFP how the boy used to play football wearing only socks or plastic sandals, easily dribbling the ball past bigger, stronger teammates.

When Fati made his debut with Barca's first team at the end of August, the coach switched his allegiance from Real Madrid.

"If he continues like this, he will be a great player," he predicted.

In Guinea Bissau, which is one of the world's poorest and most fragile nations, Fati is a source of national pride.

Born on October 31, 2002, he lived in Bissau until he was six.

In the house where he grew up, Fati's uncle Djibi Fati shows photos of the footballer as a child, dressed in traditional clothes, recalling how others used to tease him for his love of bread and butter.

"Every time he came back from playing football, he would ask for it," he recalls.

- Family divided, reunited in Spain -

When he was still very small, his father, Bori Fati, went to Portugal to look for work, later settling near Seville in southwestern Spain.

Bori picked olives, collected empty glasses in nightclubs and even helped build a high-speed rail track, recalls Amador Saavedra, who befriended him in Herrera, some 100 kilometres (60 miles) north of Malaga.

It was only when the Communist mayor of Marinaleda, a nearby town, hired Bori as a driver and helped him financially, that he managed to bring his young family over in 2009.

"It's a very beautiful story," said Saavedra, 53.

Bori ended up training his young son at the Peloteros football school, which is free for thousands of children in Herrera and the surrounding towns.

- Cheerful but quiet -

When Fati arrived he quickly caused a sensation on the football pitch, said Jordi Figaroa Moreno, his first Spanish coach.

"He had a gift," he told AFP. "The difference between him and his teammates was just huge, both technically and tactically. Among the youngsters, it's rare to find children who can play as a team, but he had everything."

Jose Luis Perez Mena, who runs the Peloteros school, described Fati as "very spontaneous" and "very cheerful" as well as "extroverted, but very quiet".

His stellar success "has not gone to his head".

Within a year of arriving in Spain, Fati joined Sevilla. In 2012, at the age of 10, he was enrolled in Barcelona's youth system.

"Ansu was one of the youngest players ever to have entered La Masia," said Marc Serra, his first coach at Barcelona.

"From the day that he arrived he was different, the type of player who invents football."

- 'Mind-blowing' -

In August, the teenager became the youngest player to score for Barcelona in La Liga. This month he became the club's youngest player in a Champions League match.

Spain's national coach Robert Moreno described Fati's debut for Barcelona as "mind-blowing". Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde spoke of him as a "balanced boy" who is "at ease with himself".

"We want him to learn to know himself, to know the first division, so he sees that it is hard and how much work and dedication it will take to succeed," he said.

Speaking to Spain's Onda Cero radio last month, his proud father said he had taught Fati to "be respectful and happy with everyone".

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Davido Reveals The Worst Part Of His Album Production (pictures)

September 20, 2019
For months now Nigerian music sensation Davido has been teasing fans with information of his highly anticipated album.

Billed for an October release the DMW boss revealed that the album is in its final production state which is the worst part of the process.

Davido made this known on his Instagram story where he stated that the album is presently in the mixing and mastering level which happens to be the last process of music production.

Davido Reveals The Worst Part Of His Album Production (pictures) Davido Reveals The Worst Part Of His Album Production (pictures) Reviewed by eemyblinks on September 20, 2019 Rating: 5

How Buhari, Atiku, INEC Spent Billions At Tribunal

September 19, 2019

Battle for democracy doesn’t come cheap – Atiku 

President Muhammadu Buhari and former Vice President Atiku Abubakar as well as other agencies involved in the 2019 presidential election case spent billions of naira pursuing and defending the case at the Presidential Election Petitions Tribunal (PEPT), checks by Daily Trust revealed.

The tribunal had on Wednesday last week dismissed the petition filed by the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and its candidate, Atiku, challenging the election of President Buhari of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the February 23 presidential election. The judgement came after 177 days of legal battle in which Atiku, PDP, Buhari, APC and Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) deployed dozens of lawyers.

A lawyer who participated in the tribunal’s proceedings said he was aware the legal fees for all the parties could be up to N5bn. Findings by the Daily Trust revealed that PDP had 20 SANs and 11 other lawyers on its team.

APC had about 20 SANs and 50 other lawyers while INEC alongside some interested parties assembled 60 lawyers. Cost of filing a case at the tribunal was at a minimum of N5,000 and in some instances, it might cost up to N25,000 each, our findings showed. It was gathered that lawyers could charge between N5 to N10 billion to prosecute presidential election petition, depending on the nature of the case and the number of Senior Advocates of Nigeria (SAN) engaged in the matter.

The stakes in cases relating to presidential elections were often very high compared to governorship, national and state assembly petitions. Similarly, it was learnt that INEC also spent a substantial size of its budget on getting competent and adequate lawyers to defend and prosecute their cases at national and state levels.

INEC’s 2019 Election Project Plan showed that the electoral empire budgeted over N1.2bn for legal fees and other related matters, part of which would be expended on handling election cases by SANs and other lawyers apart from their in-house personnel who cannot handle one tenth of the cases involving the commission. The sum covered duty tour allowance and transport costs for the monitors at the hearing of election petitions and appeals, as well as the compilation and printing of reports of petitions and appeals.

The Chief Press Secretary to the INEC Chairman, Mr Rotimi Oyekanmi, said six lawyers were used in prosecuting the petition. “It is common knowledge that INEC has several cases in court arising from the various elections it conducted. We have over 800 cases in courts at the moment,” Oyekanmi said. But another source said some interested parties had hired over 50 lawyers who teamed up with those commissioned by INEC in order to strengthened their arguments.

Daily Trust reports that more than 15 applications and motions were filed at the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal, while 62 witnesses were invited. In most instances, petitioners that invited the witnesses shouldered their cost of transport, accommodation and feeding. More than 50, 000 documents were also tendered as exhibits of materials used for the election and paid for. These included ballot papers, Form EC8 series, INEC manuals, newspapers etc.

They were gathered and tendered from across 36 states. However, some lawyers who represented Atiku and PDP denied receiving huge fees, saying they offered their services almost free of charge. One of the lawyers who does not want to be named, debunked the claim that a lot of money was expended on the election petition, questioning how such an amount could exchange hands considering “the strict monitoring by the present regime.”

The source said majority of the lawyers appeared to defend the petition pro bono because they believed in Atiku’s ability to improve the lives of Nigerians. “This will not be the first time such thing (voluntary defence of clients by lawyers) happened,” he said. Another lawyer made reference to what happened in 2015.

“Remember when Buhari joined the race for the presidency in 2015, and the issue of his certificate came up, quite a number of SANs came out to rally round him, including the SAN who led his defence.” He, however, admitted that the situation had changed saying, “this time around, the legal battle was not free of charge, but you should know that it is not always all about money but what you believe in.”

Reacting to the allegation that Atiku had spent billions of naira in prosecuting his petition, Levy Uzoukwu (SAN) who was the lead counsel of the legal team, said people should disregard talks that such amount was expended to prosecute the case of the former vice president. He said, “The Buhari team made it an issue that we are in-charge of the media, the social media and mainstream media. Where is the money for them? Majority of the social media influencers came because of the passion they have for Nigeria.”

Also reacting, counsel to INEC, Yunus Ustaz Usman (SAN), said the information that they collected huge amounts was not true, adding that he will not tell even his mother his professional fee. Also, another counsel to the respondents debunked the claim and said no such amount in legal fees was paid. But he admitted that filing of processes costs up to N5,000 each, while certification of documents cost in the region of N10m.

Investigations revealed that what was spent in the last few months at the tribunal would not be the end of the battle, as lawyers who made a lot of money from political parties and politicians during the sitting would look forward to another fortune as the case moved to the Supreme Court. “This is because, as usual, political parties and their candidates are ready to spend any amount to ensure that they win elections either through the ballot box or through the courts,” a political analyst, Usaini Mohammed, said. “Also, remember that judges and other judicial officers receive some allowances…This makes prosecuting petitions very expensive,” he said.

Battle for democracy not cheap – Atiku 

When contacted, Special Adviser to Atiku on Media Paul Ibe told our correspondent that a lot of money was spent at the tribunal. He however, could not be specific about the figures, saying he has no such information.“Well, I wouldn’t know that. I know much would have been spent but I don’t know exactly how much was spent. But I know it wouldn’t come cheap. The battle for democracy doesn’t come cheap; we know that. But I don’t have figures,” he said.

At the time of filing this report, PDP National Publicity Secretary, Kola Ologbondiyan, did not answer his calls or respond to a text message sent to him by our correspondent to establish how much the party spent on the case.

We can defend our expenditure – APC 

Also reacting, the ruling APC said it can defend the source of the money spent at the tribunal “no matter the amount.” APC’s National Publicity Secretary, Malam Lanre Issa-Onilu, told Daily Trust on telephone that the party was running its activities from its based internally generated revenue. On the specific amount APC spent at the tribunal, Issa-Onilu said, “I don’t work in the finance department.

So, I don’t have an idea. Whatever we spend, on which I don’t know the figures, it is our money. It is internally generated revenue. Unlike the PDP, we didn’t go to any government agency or cover to get it. We can say that anywhere. Whatever the figure is, it’s our money.”

Why cost of litigation is high – CSOs 

Speaking on the huge expenditure at the tribunal, the Lead Director, Centre for Social Justice (CSJ), Eze Onyekpere, said election related spending in Nigeria, especially for presidential elections had always been very expensive. “For the President, the challenge would arise when he spends public resources to finance his defence of the petition; while for the petitioner who is not in government, he is spending his private money. The technical nature of the election petition process is what drives up the costs,” Onyekpere said.

On his part, the Chairman, Partners for Electoral Reform (PER), who is also the Convener of “Say No Campaign Nigeria (SNC-Nigeria)”, Ezenwa Nwagwu, said that while the tribunals oversight election and the electoral process, the concern should be if public funds were deployed for private gain.

The huge spending by politicians and government agencies at election tribunals, on top of the huge spending during the last elections, raises concern because of the economic hardship in the country, poor public infrastructure and social services as well as delay in implementing the new national minimum wage.

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AMAA 2019 Nominees, Nomination List: 'King Of Boys’, ‘The Delivery Boy’ Lead

September 19, 2019
‘King of Boys’, ‘The Delivery Boy’ have emerged the movies with the highest nomination at 2019 AMAA.

Kemi Adetiba’s ‘King of Boys’ and Adekunle ‘Nodash’ Adejuyigbe’s ‘The Delivery Boy’ lead nomination list ahead of 2019 AMAA. 

Adekunle ‘Nodash’ Adejuyigbe’s ‘The Delivery Boy’ picked up 12 nominations including Best Actress while Kemi Adetiba’s ‘King of Boys’ pulled eight nominations including Best Actress in a Supporting Role, and Best Actor in a Supporting Role.

Ahead of the 2019 Africa Movie Academy Awards, the jury released the nomination list on Wednesday, September 18, 2019, in a live broadcast by the Jury President, Asantewa Adetunji.

Other Nigerian films nominated include ‘Up north’, Beverly Naya’s documentary, ‘Skin’, ‘Lara and the Beat’, ‘Hello Rain’, ‘Make Room’ and ‘Light in the Dark’.

The 15th edition of the much-anticipated movie awards is scheduled to hold in Lagos on October 26, 2019.

Here’s a complete list of 2019 AMAA nominations.

1. Efere Ozako Award For Best Short Film 

1. The Fisherman (Ghana)

2. A Tune of Kora (SENEGAL)

3. ICYASHA (Rwanda)

4. NAMOW2018 (KENYA)

5. Vagabond (GHANA)

6. Measure of a Woman (SA)

7. Mma Moeketsi (SA)

8. Motswakwa (BOTSWANA)

9. Tonight’s Opening Act (EGYPT)

10. Hello Rain (NIGERIA)

2. Best Animation 

1. Kitwana Journey – Kenya

2. Choices – Nigeria

3. Isolated- Kenya

4. Afrogames – Burkina Faso

3. Best Documentary

1. Djambar, Sembene the Unsubmissive (Cameroun)

2. The State Against Mandela (South Africa)

3. Golden Fish, African Fish (Senegal) 

4. Skin (Nigeria)

Beverly Naya’s Documentary on 'Skin' picked up a nomination at 2019 AMAA.

5. Khartoum Offside (Sudan)

6. Le loups d’or de Balole (Burkina Faso)

7. Sur Les Traces de Mamani Abdoulaye (Niger)

8. No Gold For Katsaka (Burkina Faso)

9. Mother, I am Suffocating, This Is My Last Film About You (Lesotho)

4. Ousmane Sembene Award For Best Film in an African Language 

1. Makeroom (Nigeria)

2. Mabata Bata (Mozambique)

3. Rafiki (Kenya)

4. Bahasha -The Envelope (Tanzania)

5. Azali (Ghana) 

5. Michael Anyiam Osigwe Award For Best Film by an African-Born Director Living Abroad

1. Julius Amedume - Rattlesnakes

2. Tosin Coker - Lara and the Beats

3. Robert O. Peters – Makeroom

6. Best Diaspora Short Film 

1. Bail (UK)

2. Oath Bound (UK)

3. Fevah (USA)

4. I Am Superman (Brazil)

7. Best Diaspora Documentary 

1. Wax Print 1 FABRIC, 4 continent (UK)

2. The Guardian of No Return (Guadalope)

3. Dare to Dream (USA/CUBA)

4. Drugs as Weapons Against Us (USA)

5. My Friend Fela (Brazil)

8. Best Diaspora Narrative Feature. 

1. Nine Nights (UK)

2. Olympia (USA)

3. Traffik (US)

4. Hero (Trinidad and Tobago/Canada)

5. Sprinter (Jamaica)

9. Best Achievement in Production Design 

1. Redemption (Mozambique)

2. Rafiki (Kenya)

3. Ellen, The Ellen Parkies Stories (S. Africa)

4. Urgent (Morroco)

5. Burial of Kojo (Ghana)

6. Sew the Winter to My Skin (S. Africa)

7. Mercy of the Jungle (Rwanda)

8. Delivery Boy (Nigeria)

10. Best Achievement in Costume Design 

1. Sew the Winter to My Skin (S. Africa)

2. Light in the Dark (Nigeria)

3. Rafiki (Kenya)

4. King of Boys (Nigeria)

5. Lara and the Beats (Nigeria)

6. Urgent (Morocco)

7. Mabata Bata (Mozambique)

11. Best Achievement in Make-up 

1. Makeroom (Nigeria)

2. Gold Statue (Nigeria)

3. Veronica’s Wish (Uganda)

4. Sew the Winter to My Skin (S. Africa)

5. Before the Vows (GHANA)

6. Mercy of the Jungle (Rwanda)

7. The Burial of Kojo (Ghana)

12.Best Achievement in Soundtrack 

1. Subira (Kenya)

2. Mabata Bata (Mozambique)

3. Farewell Ella Bella (S. AFRICA)

4. Mercy of the Jungle (Rwanda)

5. Sew the Winter to My Skin (S. Africa)

6. Lara and the Beats (Nigeria)

7. The Delivery Boy (Nigeria)

8. Redemption (Mozambique)

13. Best Achievement in Visual Effects 

1. Makeroom (Nigeria)

2. Sew the Winter to My Skin (S. Africa)

3. Knockout Blessing (Nigeria)

Adekunle Nodash's 'The Delivery Boy'picked up the highest nominations - 12 - ahead of the 2019 AMAA.

4. Mabata Bata (Mozambique)

5. The Delivery Boy (Nigeria)

6. The King of Boys (Nigeria)

7. Burial of Kojo (Ghana)

14. Best Achievement in Sound 

1. The Last Victim (S. Africa)

2. Sew the Winter to My Skin (S. Africa)

3. Makeroom (Nigeria)

4. The Delivery Boy (Nigeria)

5. The Burial of Kojo (Ghana)

6. Urgent (Morocco)

7. Mabata Bata (Mozambique)

8. Redemption (Mozambique)

15. Best Achievement in Cinematography 

1. Mabata Bata (Mozambique)

2. Sew the Winter to My Skin (S. Africa)

3. Mother, I am Suffocating, This Is My Last Film About You (Lesotho)

4. Redemption (Mozambique)

5. Rafiki (Kenya)

6. Delivery Boy (Nigeria)

7. The Burial of Kojo (Ghana)

8. Redemption (Mozambique)

16. Best Achievement in Editing 

1. The Delivery Boy (Nigeria)

2. The Burial of Kojo (Ghana)

3. The Last Victim (S. Africa)

4. Rafiki (Kenya)

5. The Gold Statute (Nigeria)

6. Diamond in the Sky (Nigeria)

7. Mercy of the Jungle (Rwanda)

8. Sew The Winter To My Skin (S. Africa)

17. Best Achievement in Screenplay 

1. The Delivery Boy (Nigeria)

2. The Last Victim (S. Africa)

3. Rafiki (Kenya)

4. Diamond in the Sky (Nigeria)

5. Gold Statute (Morocco)

6 Lara and the Beats (Nigeria)

7. Redemption (Mozambique)

8. Up North (Nigeria)

18. NFVCB Award For Best Nigerian Film 

1. The Delivery Boy

2. Lara and the Beats

3. Makeroom

4. King of Boys

5. Gold Statute

6. Up North

7. Knockout Blessing

19. Best Young/Promising Actor 

1. Youssef Alaoui (Ayoub) URGENT

2. Angel Onyinyechi Unigwe (Adaeze) LIGHT IN THE DARK

3. Cynthia Dankwa (Esi) BURIAL OF KOJO

4. Emilio Bilo (Azarias) Mabata Bata

5. Jamma Ibrahim (Amir) The Delivery Boy

6. Catherine Credo (Neema) Fatuma

20. Best Actor in a Supporting Role 

1. Remilekun “Reminisce” Sarafu (Makanaki) King of Boys

2. Jarrid Geduld 9 (Abie) Ellen, The Ellen Parkies Story

3. Zolisa Xaluva (Wyatt Earp) Sew the Winter to my Skin

4. Kanayo O. Kanyayo (Chief Otuekong) Up North

5. Kobina Amissah-Sam (Kwabina) The Burial of Kojo

6. Bucci Franklyn (Dagogo) Knockout Blessing

21. Best Actress in a Supporting Role 

1. Eniola Shobayo (Vivian) Knockout Blessing

2. Linda Ejiofer (Oby) Knockout Blessing

3. Kandyse McClure (Golden Eyes) Sew the Winter to My Skin

4. Adesua Etomi (Kemi) The King of Boys

5. Joke Silva (Mama Jumoke) Light in the Dark

6. Arlete Bombe (Mia) Redemption

22. Best Actor in a Leading Role 

1. Gabriel Afolayan Gold Statue

2. Joseph Otsiman (Kojo) The Burial of Kojo

3. Chinedu Ikedieze (Big Chi) Lara and the Beats

4. Jimmy Jean Louis (Robert McQueen) Rattlesnakes

5. Gil Alexandre (Bruno) Redemption

6. Marc Zinga ( )Mercy of the Jungle)

7. Ezra Mabengeza (Samson) Sew The Winter To My Skin

8. Ayoub Bombwe ( Mwanyusi ) Fatuma

23. Best Actress in a Leading Role 

1. Sheila Munyiva (Ziki) Rafik

2. Rita Dominic (Jumoke Arinze) Light in the Dark

3. Jill Levenberg (Ellen) The Ellen Parkies Story

4. Beatrice Taisamo (Fatuma) Fatuma

5. Seyi Shay (Lara) Lara and the Beats

6. Sola Sobowale (Eniola) King of Boys

7. Jemima Osunde (Nkem) The Delivery Boy

8. Samantha Mugatsia (Kena) Rafiki

24. Best Director-First Feature Film 

1. Blitz Bazawule - The Burial of Kojo (Ghana)

2. Adekunle “Nodash” Adejuyigbe - The Delivery Boy (Nigeria)

3. Sippy Chadha – Subira (Tanzania)

4. Nicole Amarteifo – Before the Vows (Ghana)

25. Best Director 

1. Wanuri Kahui – Rafiki (Kenya)

2. Adekunle “Nodash” Adejuyigbe - The Delivery Boy (Nigeria)

3. Daryne Joshua -Ellen, The Ellen Parkies Story (S. Africa)

4. Jahmil X. Qubeka - Sew the Winter to My Skin (S. Africa)

5. Kemi Adetiba – King of Boys (Nigeria)

6. Mohcine Besri – Urgent (Morocco)

7. Mickey Fonseca – Redemption (Mozambique)

8. Joël Karekezi- Mercy of the Jungle (Rwanda)
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Wonda by soda

March 07, 2019
Wonda by soda Wonda by soda Reviewed by eemyblinks on March 07, 2019 Rating: 5

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