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The following are the expectations of what society and business need from each other

(i)  Supplying goods and services that society cannot, or do not want to, produce themselves

(ii)  Creating jobs for customers, supplies, distributors and coworkers

(iii)  Making money to support themselves and their families, pay taxes and use they wages to buy goods and services

(iv)  Continually developing new goods, services and processes

(v)  Investing in new technologies and in the skills of employees

(vi)  Building up and spreading international standards e.g for environmental practices

(vii) Spreading ''good practice'' in different areas, such as the environment and workplace safety.

(viii)  Offer good and services that are of high quality

(ix)  Sell such goods and services that are of fair and reasonable prices and

(x)  show courtesy and fairness to their customers.

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