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business plays a vita role in the life and cultures of a country. it provides just anything the consumers want o need, including basic necessities such as food and housing, luxuries such as televisions and even personal services such as caring for customers and finding companionship.
business enterprises in Nigeria started in the earnest when major British firms amalgamated to form the united African community(UAC).

      This amalgamation helped in laying the foundation stone of the Nigerian business enterprise systems. these companies according to effiong (1985) and john Holt company, Peterson zochonis and company (PZ) G.B ollivant, union trading company (UTC) K. chellarams and sons and miller brothers,which with F.A Swanzy a third party cooperation known as the African association and a number of other smaller firms combined in 1919 to form African and eastern trade corporation (A & ETC) LIMITED. thus bringing into being the united African company (UAC) as we know today it follow from here that the European merchant houses provided vital institutional links with oversees market and manufacturing centers, and thus initiated a role which oversees market and manufacturing centers, and thus initiated a role which will continue to be a reference point for the Nigerian business enterprise system

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