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The role of entrepreneurship in the development of the economy

May 21, 2020
1,EMPLOYMENT GENERATION: The activities of entrepreneurship has led to the establishment of many businesses. This has also led to the employment of people either skilled semi skilled or unskilled labour this in turn has reduced to an extent of unemployment in the country

2, EFFECTIVE UTILIZATION OF LOCAL RESOURCES: Business established by entrepreneur has led to the utilization of local materials e.g starch is gotten from cassava, groundnut cake is gotten from groundnut

Business has been established by entrepreneur in all the nook and crannies of the country.  This has led to even spread of the business for example major industries are set up in urban and rural Areas

Because of even distribution of businesses as a result of the activities of entrepreneurs for example even in the mist remote areas there are business established. This business in the rural areas employ rural labour and has therefore reduced the migration if people from the rural areas to the urban areas

Entrepreneurship has increase to a very large extent the gross domestic product.This is as a result of entrepreneur either individual or group output. The gross domestic product of every nation has led to increase in productivity.

6, KEEN COMPETITION ; numerous business operating within the country where entrepreneur producing different product but are substitute has led to keen competition between entrepreneurs. This has resulted in low prices in quality products. Entrepreneurs operates different business and produce different goods and services which are substitutes and has led to fall in price
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May 21, 2020
Maintenance management is considered as one of the mist neglected aspect of management. Maintainance is the combination of many activities or actions being carried out to maintain activities and equipment and restored them to acceptable standard or condition. In fact maintanance ensure that the entire product system is kept reliable, productive and efficient maintainance is a preventive and not unless management give due attention to the future of plant they will find it themselves in trouble and sometime, or another through some item or plant or equipment training or breakdown
There is difference between repair ba plant and Maintainance of plant. Repairs entails striping down, replacement and removal of one plant and some other form of major overdue on the other and Maintainance include such through which are routine check, duplication adjustment or replacement of part that become damaged or wornout during normal use.

1. To minimize the availability and reliability of assets
2. To extend the useful life of assets
3. To ensure operational readiness of equipment.

Preventive Maintainance; This is an organized Maintainance work carried out to prevent breakdown by a well conceived plant of inspection, lubrication, adjustment, repairs it can be true base or condition base

(2) corrective Maintainance; This is an organized work intended to restore an item to the acceptable standards. It involves minor repairs that may spring out.

(3) Shut down Maintainance ; This is a work activity that is carried out when failure iccurs. It is Carried out when things go wrong with the equipment.

(4) Routine Maintainance ; This occurs from time to time when there is breakdown  or whether there is breakdown or not.

(5) Schedule Maintainance; This is a Maintainance carried out specifying the date and possible time it should be done e.g three weeks or every week in month, every two weeks e.t.c

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